Organizational Structure

Sponsor: Light Industry Enterprises Investment and Development Association Of China,Consumption Daily Organizer:Consumption Daily,Hainan Yangpu Gonghao International Exhibition Co.,,Hainan International Boutique Consumption Exhibition Co.,  
Exhibition Area Planning

Forum Venue
International Imported Wine Area
International Products Area
Nationwide Famous and Special
Agricultural  Products Area
Good Life Area
Exhibitors Organized By Government Area
Veteran Enterprises Area

Charging Standards
2024 Project Introduction
China Consumer Economy Forum,formerly known as China Consumer Economy High-level Forum,was founded in 2005 by Consumption Daily,an enterprise directly under the China Light Industry Federation.The forum has been held for 17 consecutive sessions as of May 2023.The Forum is committed to promoting the healthy development of China's consumer economy,this time landing in Hainan,combined with the policies of Hainan Free Trade Port,it will bring new opportunities for the development of the consumer industry and usher in a new impetus to boost the economic and social development of Hainan Free Trade Port.The organizing committee,together with Consumption Daily and Light Industry Enterprises Investment and Development Association of China,will make use of the industry resources and professional experience accumulated through years of operating professional consumer exhibitions and media,and strive to invite academicians of the two institutes (food raw materials, additives, FMCG direction),senior executives of the world's top 500 enterprises in the consumer industry, professors in relevant fields of Tsinghua University,Peking University,Fudan University,industry experts, leaders of industry authorities,and representative enterprises of national famous and special products to participate in the event.It will inject new vigour into the consumer market of Hainan Free Trade Port.As a supporting exhibition for the same period of the forum,2024 Hainan interngtional Boutiaue Consumption Exhibition has oficially launchedthe investment and recruitment work.The exhibition willfocus on the strategic positioning of "building an internationgl tourism consumptioncenter in Hainan",start with the new economic consumption model of "exhibition+tourism"focus on"excellent,favourable,quality andspecial " consumer products and link the multi-industry,multi-form and multi-directional supply and procurement integration of new exhibitionand sales mode.t will bring rich types of products and preferential promotional activities to the national buvers,tourists."migratory bird"groups and local citizens,and promote the social and economic growth of Hainan,while boosting the construction of Hainan internationdTourism Consumption Center.
Exhibition Site
Economic Forum
Exhibition Services
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