Exhibition area planning and positioning

     Based on the scale of the two successful exhibitions, 2023 HICPE will expands and increases the exhibited categories and quantities of brand lifestyle products, aiming to meet the consumption demands of the local citizens and tourists in purchasing duty-free and cross-border daily life products. At the same time, the B2B procurement matchmaking platform is built to satisfy the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises from domestic and foreign countries in negotiating, purchasing, and signing.

The exhibition has a total of ten exhibition areas

Hainan Veteran Enterprises AreaHainan provincial and municipal veteran enterprises.

Tourism Commodities AreaExhibitors organized by Hainan Tourism Commodity and Equipment Association, gifts, tourist souvenirs, etc.

Exhibitors Organized by Government AreaCross-border e-commerce commodities, cross-border e-commerce platforms, cross-border

                                                                          e-commerce supply chain enterprises, etc.

International Wine Exhibition AreaCovering well-known brands and source suppliers such as foreign wine, red wine, sake, craft beer, etc.

Gold and Jewelry Trading AreaGold, jewel, jade, jadeite ornaments, etc.

Lifestyle and Fashion Products AreaBeauty makeup and cosmetology, digital electronic products, shoes and bags, clothing, maternal

                                                               and child supplies, outdoor camping equipment, etc.

Small Household Appliances AreaKitchen appliances, cleaning products, heating products, etc.

International Products AreaInternational enterprises and imported commodities.

Hainan Branded Products AreaCharacteristic commodities from Hainan cities and counties, Hainan time-honored brand, Hainan base    

                                                       brand enterprises and agricultural products, etc.

Famous and Special Agricultural Products from National Provinces
and CitiesFamous and special agricultural products and local
                                                                                                                                     characteristic products from domestic provinces and cities.
12 B area , Hong Lian Business Plaza , No. 123 Binhai Avenue, Haikou, Hainan